How do I access Bunker 3?

STEP 1 :

Bunker 3 is a Telnet BBS which means it uses the Telnet protocol (not HTTP or HTTPS like a web page).

Here are links to several clients. Just pick one and install it on your computer. They all work prettty much the same but for this demonstration I will use SyncTerm.)

Telnet Clients:



fTelnet (browser based client)

STEP 2 :

Run SyncTERM. You will see a blue box that says Directory. Type the name
of my bulletin board here (The Unmarked Van) and then hit your ENTER key.

STEP 3 :

Next you will see a box that says Connection Type. Scroll down and
select "Telnet" as your connection type. Don't change anything else on this page.

STEP 4 :

The next box you see will ask you for the Telnet address of my
bulletin board. Enter this: - and then slap your ENTER key again.

That's it. You're all set. Now whenever you run SyncTERM, my BBS will
be there in your directory. To connect to Bunker 3,
all you have to do is highlight the BBS name and press ENTER.
Of course you can configure the program any way you want.
There are many other bulletin boards out there and you can add
these to your directory later.


What will you see the first time you log on?:

It may take you a few attempts to get in. That's normal. If at first you can't connect, try try again. Give it a few seconds to connect and then you will see this screen. This is your main login screen. If this is your first visit,

type "New" and slap the ENTER key. Registration is pretty painless. It just asks for your user name, password, and a couple of other things. Then you are a registered user with full access to the bulletin board.