What is inside Bunker 3?


You can read and write messages locally to other users of the BBS, but you can also read and write messages
with other people in the fsxNet Echomail network (developed by Avon in New Zealand). Communicate with
people on other bulletin boards, all over the world.


Play simple games online. Compete against other users.


Download computer programs and information. Mostly BBS-related files.


If anyone else is online you can chat with them. You can also chat with people on other bulletin boards!

No apps, no ads, no spam, no capcha, and no bullshit:

Use the bulletin board without the clutter. Nothing to distract you. Nothing to buy. No subscriptions.
I don't want your e-mail address, your phone number, or your credit card information. Registering is
simple - just a handle, your location, and a password.

No Big Tech:

Big tech? How about NO tech? Bunker 3 is just a simple bulletin board system,
privately owned and operated with no connection to big tech. Ever. It is totally non-commercial.


No AI:

There's nothing artificial about Bunker 3. You will only be communicating with

real people. People who think for themselves. No funny robot voices or apps that mimic

human behavior. We're keeping it real.